I’m tired of the norm.

Just as cliche as it may sound, I’m so tired of the typical, un-unique, basic, lame world we live in. I will never understand the reasoning for the confined, restricted minds of today. I love to be called weird. I love to be looked at differently because it is a constant reminder that I haven’t conformed to the wack world. It’s so cool to be cool. It’s so cool to follow trends and it’s so cool to do what others have already done. It’s disgusting. Why is it cool to leave people on “read”? Why is it cool to have multiple women? Why is it cool to be popular or famous? These are human beings that we look up to, most that come with no substance and no reason for their popularity yet we gravitate to as if they really mean something. A basic would say it sounds like hate when it’s more of confusion. It’s about uniqueness. It’s about being different. Why do we love social media so much? Why do we like to envy the life of another? Why is it hard to appreciate our own life for what we have gone through and overcome? Why can’t we put our phones down (as I type this on my phone). I have even been disgusted with myself at times. The best decision I ever made was to delete my social media apps because for me they were disgustingly addictive. I wasted valuable time REAL LIFE time scrolling through no substance feeds. I’m disgusted with the life I live in and I’m disgusted in the people surrounding me. There are times when my annoyance fills my facial expression to the point where I know my thoughts are felt but I truly don’t care. I want the basic and “normal” person to feel uncomfortable because you look and sound stupid. I’ve yet to come to terms with myself as to why I have began to feel so strongly about this all and the best way to express it has come to my mind at this very moment. I want blog about it.