It takes a lot to be humble now a days. From having road rage because people drive like shit, to being submissive to your partner in regards to arguments. It can definitely be considered a lose, lose situation because you can have too much pride to the point that it affects you negatively and you can also be humble enough to become a push over. If only we knew how to balance it all out. One of the things I ask myself is, “how is this decision going to benefit me?”. If I decide to lash out from anger instead of humbling myself will I be pleased with the outcome? Or will it affect me in a way that will make things worse? One of the most cliche but very useful sayings are “Think before you speak.” or “Think before you do.” The reason they are so useful is because nobody ever does that. Most people lash out because they are sad or mad or hurt. It takes years to become humble enough to think before you decide to cuss someone out for being disrespectful or slap the shit out of someone’s face because they are disgustingly rude, but I will say that it is definitely worth the energy you will save. I have learned that the person who is silent and saves that negative energy that they will potentially spew out is the one who is rewarded greatly in the end. I have learned first hand that keeping those thoughts and opinions to yourself will actually bring you more peace than it would if you release that anger on the intended target. It sounds weird but that’s the purpose of my blog. You would think that letting it out would help, but for me, I have found peace in keeping it to myself and allowing the clowns to feel as though they’ve won when in reality they will spend their entire lives with pride and the only thing it will do is keep them from growing as an individual with respect and dignity. My best advice is to keep quiet and stay humble. Keep quiet and let the clowns drown in their misery. Keep quiet and progress slowly but surely. I guarantee you will have the last laugh in the end. ❤