Life is not fair. It’s just not. That’s the truest statement imaginable. You can be a great person, have a wonderful loving heart and soul yet there will be something coming for you negative and evil. You will always question, “why me?” Don’t question these things, they are bound to happen. Good people go though horrible things. The reasoning is unknown but I truly feel it is to actually teach the wrong doers lessons. It sounds contradicting but when you treat someone who is loving, kind and true to you like they are worthless, one day they will be fed up to the point where they will not deal with you anymore. At this point, you will seem worth everything to your wrong doer but at this point the interest will be lost and there will be nothing more to give. There will be two good outcomes. You, the good hearted will gain another just like yourself at some point in life. Your wrongdoer will most likely try to change for the next individual. It’s a cycle. Good hearts will always endure horrible things but once they pass it will be more than great. The wrong doers will learn their lessons one day and most likely they will feel once how you have felt multiple times. That one time for them though, will be enough. Another thing is that good hearted people are amongst the strongest. We endure things that nobody has gone through and we’ve done it multiple times. We attract the evil and they see vulnerability. Once it is all said and done the good hearts always make it out on top one way or another. Cruel world? Yes, but the energy you give out and the things you do to people will always return to you in any kind of aspect in life, it will come back to you.



It’s hard to grow when you are one track minded. When I say one track minded I mean that your focus is solely to benefit you and you only. This could be great for the person who is completely alone having no support or help from anyone. When you find yourself in the position you’ve always dreamed or headed in the direction of success it’s essential to think of how you’ve gotten so far. Yes you may have been the one to pick up one foot after another but what was it that truly helped you reach this point? Were you assisted along the way? Did you have a strong support system? Were you the sole funder? If you know that you surely would of gotten to the point you are in but deep down you knew that the possibility wouldn’t have been as strong if it wasn’t for the support that you so graciously received then it’s time to grow and become grateful for the help you’ve had along the way. Most people get to their destination having strung others along the way yet once their goal is fulfilled they are taken back by the feelings of the ones who not expect, but who are hopeful to be appreciated or acknowledged. The one track minded won’t think about the feelings of the ones who were there from the start. The one track minded will have only utilized the help they needed when they were in dire need. The one track minded will show their gratitude in the moment but they will forget once their goal has been reached. Growth will come from the actions after the success has been fulfilled. Growth will show itself once it is all said and done. You will also see things in true light for what they are and always have been once that success is fulfilled. This type of gratefulness and acknowledgment is definitely not something that is matter of fact or should be done but it is more of a representation of the type of person you are dealing with and if they themselves are/were worth the effort that was provided. Growth is the becoming of a genuine, compassionate, appreciative , respected and grateful human being.


It takes a lot to be humble now a days. From having road rage because people drive like shit, to being submissive to your partner in regards to arguments. It can definitely be considered a lose, lose situation because you can have too much pride to the point that it affects you negatively and you can also be humble enough to become a push over. If only we knew how to balance it all out. One of the things I ask myself is, “how is this decision going to benefit me?”. If I decide to lash out from anger instead of humbling myself will I be pleased with the outcome? Or will it affect me in a way that will make things worse? One of the most cliche but very useful sayings are “Think before you speak.” or “Think before you do.” The reason they are so useful is because nobody ever does that. Most people lash out because they are sad or mad or hurt. It takes years to become humble enough to think before you decide to cuss someone out for being disrespectful or slap the shit out of someone’s face because they are disgustingly rude, but I will say that it is definitely worth the energy you will save. I have learned that the person who is silent and saves that negative energy that they will potentially spew out is the one who is rewarded greatly in the end. I have learned first hand that keeping those thoughts and opinions to yourself will actually bring you more peace than it would if you release that anger on the intended target. It sounds weird but that’s the purpose of my blog. You would think that letting it out would help, but for me, I have found peace in keeping it to myself and allowing the clowns to feel as though they’ve won when in reality they will spend their entire lives with pride and the only thing it will do is keep them from growing as an individual with respect and dignity. My best advice is to keep quiet and stay humble. Keep quiet and let the clowns drown in their misery. Keep quiet and progress slowly but surely. I guarantee you will have the last laugh in the end. ❤

I’m tired of the norm.

Just as cliche as it may sound, I’m so tired of the typical, un-unique, basic, lame world we live in. I will never understand the reasoning for the confined, restricted minds of today. I love to be called weird. I love to be looked at differently because it is a constant reminder that I haven’t conformed to the wack world. It’s so cool to be cool. It’s so cool to follow trends and it’s so cool to do what others have already done. It’s disgusting. Why is it cool to leave people on “read”? Why is it cool to have multiple women? Why is it cool to be popular or famous? These are human beings that we look up to, most that come with no substance and no reason for their popularity yet we gravitate to as if they really mean something. A basic would say it sounds like hate when it’s more of confusion. It’s about uniqueness. It’s about being different. Why do we love social media so much? Why do we like to envy the life of another? Why is it hard to appreciate our own life for what we have gone through and overcome? Why can’t we put our phones down (as I type this on my phone). I have even been disgusted with myself at times. The best decision I ever made was to delete my social media apps because for me they were disgustingly addictive. I wasted valuable time REAL LIFE time scrolling through no substance feeds. I’m disgusted with the life I live in and I’m disgusted in the people surrounding me. There are times when my annoyance fills my facial expression to the point where I know my thoughts are felt but I truly don’t care. I want the basic and “normal” person to feel uncomfortable because you look and sound stupid. I’ve yet to come to terms with myself as to why I have began to feel so strongly about this all and the best way to express it has come to my mind at this very moment. I want blog about it.